HMG Hardchrome is not all about hardchroming. We offer a wide range of repair
and refurbishment options as well as the ability to manufacture components to
original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.


HMG Hardchrome is widely respected as a technology leader.

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We actively explore and implement new techniques and ideas to promote continuous improvement in everything we do. Technology is a key value creator for our clients, helping to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and deliver the best possible outcomes.


We’ve worked in heavy industrial environments for more than 50 years.

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We’ve turned our expert hand to thousands of jobs over this time. We understand better than any company that downtime can translate to millions of dollars in lost earnings.


For every job, we follow a detailed disassembly and inspection procedure.

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We then align the most appropriate engineering solution to your cost and time parameters. Quality is the cornerstone of our process. We adhere to the highest standards and regimes in our industry and observe a culture of continuous improvement and are constantly improving our technologies.